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Mr. Showkat Aziz Russell

Honorary Patron - Kabir Miah Memorial Trust UK

Showkat Aziz Russell son of M. A. Hashem-an iconic Businessman (founder of Partex Group), ventured into industrial sector, manufacturing textile yarn, fabric, RMG, wood & jute chip particle boards with variety of veneered lamination and furniture, eventually branched out with Amber nationwide fashion outlets including Hotel & Resorts. He, however strongly stepped into Information & Communication Technology business under Amber IT facilitating Internet Gateway, software solutions, IP telephony, e-commerce furthering business in Media under Amber Media operating two FM radio channels, IP TV widely viewable globally, studio production house & recording company.

In gradual progression all of his ventures culminated into Amber Group, Amber being the name of his beloved grandmother. The Group came into being in 1995 & steadily flourished with the gradual demand for its products in the market. Backed by highly advanced technology and sophisticated state of the art manufacturing facilities, Amber Group is being managed by qualified technical and management professionals. The excellence of its products and blooming genius of its personnel are the strength of the organisation. Amber Group, with its various interests, is marching ahead with drive and determination to be reckoned with as one of the best in all areas it operates.

In United Commercial Bank (UCB), Showkat Aziz Russell played the most instrumental role in establishing the Core Banking Software (CBS) for extending technology-based services for its vast clientele. Moreover, he patronized the introduction of U Cash, the Mobile Financial Services of UCB, to include the country’s people having no bank accounts in the past under UCB’s service coverage.

He is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of IBAIS University. This eminent entrepreneur is also the Vice-President of Bangladesh Textile Mills Association and Director of Real Estate Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB).

Showkat Aziz Russell is actively involved in promoting games and sports of the country. Currently, he is the Director of Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB).